Sunday, April 26, 2009

Slow Mohicans in the Family

I am in the process of going through my many minidiscs in order to put together a collection of unreleased ambient and experimental tracks. It's not ready yet, so I am doing a quick detour today.

My brother has a new release out, Slow Mohicans, so I thought I would spread the word. If you have Rhapsody, you can preview it (if you don't, you can set up an account and listen for free).

The record is available on iTunes, on Rhapsody, at CD Baby, and at other fine outlets. More information and plenty more music is available at the Skin & Barrel website.

The CD Baby page allows you to hear 30 second snippets.


phil said...

hi thanks for the comment @ eastern eye , must link your blog

btw eastern eye is my alter ego I see you have link to my other home el reza :)

icastico said...


Thanks...spread the word.

GINAR said...

haha this is crazy i already have slow mohicans off of some forum... what are the odds?

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