Sunday, May 30, 2010

Free Music Archive Updates

I just did a large update to the aboombong artist page over at the Free Music Archive. Along with asynchronic, the FMA now hosts Boom Dispenser remixs: A Chronic Groove Feeder, as well as all of the ¡para!helion albums. Of course, FMA downloads are MP3 only. If you are interested in lossless versions of these albums, go to aboombong's Bandcamp page, or the ¡para!helion pages over at the Internet Archive (here, here, here, & here). As a preview of the FMA updates, here's a quick FMA mix of tracks off of each of the newly uploaded albums.

I have also added a"Tip The Artist" link to the FMA page for those of you who feel inclined to support the work here at Pen & Mallet monetarily. Or you can just use the "Donate" buttons here at Pen & Mallet (like the one below). Of course, word of mouth is as powerful a support for a DIY artist as cash, so if you like any of the music you find here, please spread the word. Your friends and followers all know you have great taste. (^_~)

A final note: The FMA feature of Drag Along Behind in Ten Tracks to Sync Volume 2 has led to several people incorporating it into their own creations. Updates with links to video & audio are available on the previous Pen & Mallet post related to TTSV. Check 'em out and leave the creators a comment.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Boom Dispenser remixs: A Chronic Groove Feeder

Artist: Boom Dispenser
Album:Boom Dispenser remixs: A Chronic Groove Feeder
Style: acid jazz, trip bop, minimalism, noise, drone, dark ambient
Release: May 15th, 2010
Players: Fez Dispenser remixs aboombong; aboombong remixs Fez Dispenser
Available in a variety of formats from (set your own price)

<a href="">To the Phone Booth! (Corner of Bedlam and Squalor Mix by aboombong) by aboombong</a>

A sonic sibling rivalry. Enjoy. Start spreading the word (^_^) !!!

Original Tracks from the albums "asynchronic" by aboombong and "high bottom groove feeder" by Fez Dispenser - available at: &

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