Saturday, October 27, 2018

Articulations: Poems, Polemics, & Pop Songs

aboombong presents the words and voice of artist and poet Raul Dorn floating on a jumble of post-punk, art rock, and ambient soundscapes.  

It is available from bandcamp, pay what you will. Proceeds will go to support arts education in Las Cruces, NM, so, really, pay what you can. Enjoy. Spread the word. 

Artist:aboombong presents
Album: articulations: poems, polemics, & pop songs
Style: Post punk, No Wave, Basement Tapes, 
Release: 2018
Me - music, guitar, drum kit, percussion, piano
Raul Dorn - words, singing, chattering 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Thorn - solace of noise (2018)

Album: solace of noise EP
Style: Punk, No Wave, Basement Tapes, Garage
Release: 2018
Me - music, guitar, drum kit, percussion, accordion, piano
Raul Dorn - words, singing, chattering 
Matt Thorne - additional guitar on "Stoner Girl"
Where the fuck is Lamb?

Cover photo: Micaela Adams

After a 30 year break, some of the members of AOS collaborate on three noisome garage tracks from their basements spread out across the western US of A. This one was intended to satisfied an itch I had for some stupid punk songs. Getting Raul involved, of course, ruined any chance of things staying stupid, and Matt saved Stoner Girl from being stuck in inept guitar purgatory. Raul and I have another batch of decidedly non-punk songs in the works, out sometime this year. Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sister Black Lagoon

First it was the The Sisters Doom, now Sister Black Lagoon. More from the fertile roots of the Las Cruces, NM music scene circa the mid 1980's Raul, from AOS and his long time collaborator Alex have let their first EP as Sister Black Lagoon drop. Since fishy love was all the rage at the is time for you to give it a try yourself.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Sisters Doom; Dynamo Stairs

Lots going on from the Las Cruces alumni this month.

First up is The Sisters Doom from Vague Choir leader Mark Earnest. Roots metal hitting all the right notes. Just straight up, balls out, rock. Buy it.  Next up two from Dynamo Stairs spanning 30 years of creativity. David Liso of Choke has been releasing music as Dynamo Stairs for 30 years. This month he has released new music and a great historical re-issue of his first release. This one includes unreleased tracks from 30 years ago and a pristine re-mastering of the original cassette release from 1988. And, impossible to ignore is a new plead for sanity from Dynamo Stairs with new songs in a well-practiced mode, Seasoned. Check it.

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