Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and yet even one more best of 2010 mix

And here we go again, another mix, it ain't mine, but I gots to pass it along. Another one to feature artists from the Free Music Archive. This time we get a list from undomondo featuring one off of amnemonic from aboombong. Previously, undomondo featured ¡para!helionpara!helion and I must say it is a consistently excellent source of cool music. Check other best of FMA 2010 mixes over at the FMA, or join up and create your own.

Also of note: Disaster Amnesiac asked me some questions, and I answered them. The interview is posted. As I have said before, for the DIY musician this kind of help spreading the word is always appreciated. UPDATE: speed, glue and music liked asynchronic enough to include it in their list of 30 stand-outs from 2010...nice to be include alongside such good company...and frogs rain down and ONDA Rock add to the great support aboombong is getting from Italy. And a bit late in the game, I ran across this nice discussion over at thanks for your ears...makes me blush to have Elvin Jones' name mentioned no matter how tangentially in any discussion of my own playing, but it is a thoughtful essay worth a read...shines a light on the ever elusive topic of genre in music. In Cars voted asynchronic into their top 20 albums of the year list...a killer list to be included on. As is the one over at Neuroprison...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

and yet another best of 2010 mix

And yet again, this one ain't mine, but I had to pass it along. I love the review of asynchronic and am a big fan of a lot of the other choices. Check out the original over at motel de moka. An excerpt:

* June 20, 2009: Four revered avant garde genres – Drone, Freejazz, Musique concrète and Krautrock – set out into the heart of Central Africa armed with nothing but DAT recorders to make an audio documentary on the lost land of Konono.
* June 22, 2009: Local witnesses reported they saw the genres wandering around the city of Kinshasa. They were asking for a place called Konono, but were met with perplexed and elusive looks. The only attentive response they got came from a Bandundu fisherman who explained to them that the word konono roughly translates as ‘stiffness of the body’, but that he had no knowledge of an actual place with that name. Consumed by the silent frustration of what was apparently a failed expedition they appeared cold, lost and haunted for the rest of the day.
* June 23, 2009: A French-Canadian exchange student reported Drone and Freejazz were asking for directions on how to get into the heart of the Congolese rainforest. The genres left Kinshasa early in the morning and were never seen again.
* June 27, 2009: An exhaustive 100 men search which lasted for 12 days was conducted but no trace of the genres was found.
* October 5, 2009: The case is declared inactive and unsolved.
* November 25, 2009: Students from the University of Congo’s anthropology department discover a duffel bag labeled as Aboombong – Asynchronic‘ containing four DAT tapes, a bloodied volley ball, a Punjabi ektara, a Vietnamese jack fruit danmo, bone cymbal mallets and several other unusual ethnic instruments. The duffel bag was buried under the foundation of a secluded cabin deep inside the rainforest. The bag is examined by the local authorities who announce they were the property of Drone and its crew.
* January 1, 2010: With permission of the genre’s families select pieces of the tapes are publicly released with the purpose of attracting the international media’s attention towards the case and help raise donations for private investigation.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

another best of 2010 mix

Again, this one ain't mine, but I have to pass it along. This one is from Dying for Bad Music and features artists from the Free Music Archive including DUSTdevil & crow. The FMA is also home to albums by aboombong and ¡para!helion and is really one of the best places to find DIY music available today. Check other best of FMA 2010 mixes over at the FMA, or join up and create your own.

Update: asynchronic is included in the spotinews mega-post of 100 notable albums of 2010.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a best of 2010 mix

This one ain't mine, but I have to pass it along. From editor_b over at 8 tracks, who says "Created December 7, 2010 My favorite audio from 2010 including tracks by Aboombong, Dream Boat and Drew Brees." Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

atlatl - head on the nail - early work

atlatl is one of the most extreme/experimental noise acts out there - these days filling the world with minimal drones and noisescapes made with vintage synths and obsessive focus. But like everyone, atlatl has a past. Today we have an early video from the days when atlatl was doing more conventional industrial electronic music. Circa 1992, head on the nail. Check out newer atlatl music on Or buy the new one Draws the Atlantic at

Friday, December 3, 2010

endorphin rush from fescal

Another quick recommendation. A bandcamp buddy of aboombong (UPDATE: a nice review of the amnemonic is up over at Recent Music Heroes) and azwarm, Fescal has put out an impressive ambient drone album, Endorphin, that you can pick up (name your own price with no minimum) at the 1798 label's bandcamp page. Full of dense layers of pristine sound, it'll take you out of your head for a nice half hour long vacation from reality. Well worth your time and money. Check 'em out and spread the word.

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