Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and yet even one more best of 2010 mix

And here we go again, another mix, it ain't mine, but I gots to pass it along. Another one to feature artists from the Free Music Archive. This time we get a list from undomondo featuring one off of amnemonic from aboombong. Previously, undomondo featured ¡para!helionpara!helion and I must say it is a consistently excellent source of cool music. Check other best of FMA 2010 mixes over at the FMA, or join up and create your own.

Also of note: Disaster Amnesiac asked me some questions, and I answered them. The interview is posted. As I have said before, for the DIY musician this kind of help spreading the word is always appreciated. UPDATE: speed, glue and music liked asynchronic enough to include it in their list of 30 stand-outs from 2010...nice to be include alongside such good company...and frogs rain down and ONDA Rock add to the great support aboombong is getting from Italy. And a bit late in the game, I ran across this nice discussion over at thanks for your ears...makes me blush to have Elvin Jones' name mentioned no matter how tangentially in any discussion of my own playing, but it is a thoughtful essay worth a read...shines a light on the ever elusive topic of genre in music. In Cars voted asynchronic into their top 20 albums of the year list...a killer list to be included on. As is the one over at Neuroprison...

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