Wednesday, February 27, 2013

aboombong - noon

 Noon from the album amnemonic has shown up on a nice little ad for an event at the contemporary arts museum in Bordeaux. Nice marriage of images and sound to my mind. This is how creative commons licensing is supposed to work.  


And if you haven't checked it out yet, the latest album is available on bandcamp. Take a listen below. 
Album: adumbral: études dans le contrôle imprécis
Style: minimalist, looping, glitchy, electronics
Toys: Kaossilator, drum kit.

A new aboombong for a new year. Enjoy.

Also available on Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes, Last.FM and from most of your favorite places to purchase downloads. Bandcamp is the only venue where you choose what to pay.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kamikaze spreads the word

A nice mix of music from Kamikaze dropped awhile back. Includes a track from adumbral. Lots of other great artists included for you check out as well (track list below). Honored to be included. 

Jason Crumer & Joseph Hammer - Show Em The Door [Accidie]
Powell - A Band [The Death Of Rave]
Vladislav Delay - Kulkee [Raster Noton]
Actress - Silver Cloud Dream Come True [Werk/Ninja Tune]
Bernard Gagnon - Dictee [Tenzier]
Yong Yong - Mongo [Night School]
The Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble - Giraffes We Ride [Folkways]
Mustapha Skandrani - Mode Raml Maya Improvisation [Em]
Nishan Sedefjian - Huzam Taxim [Mississippi/Canary/Change]
Jung Nam Hee - Chinyangjo/Chungmori [Sublime Frequencies]
St. Gun Khin May - Shan Village Part 1/Part 2 [Sublime Frequencies]
Kesarbai Kerkar - Lalat: Ghatan Lagi Rain [Mississippi/Canary/Change]
Hacker Farm - 5:29 [Exotic Pylon]
MCMXCI - Untitled 5 [Opal Tapes]
aboombong - K1 [Bandcamp] 
Trance Farmers - Purple Hay [Stones Throw/Leaving]
Filthy Huns - Infinite Ride [Not Not Fun]
Golden Teacher - Rashomon [Optimo]
Factory Floor - Fall Back Synth Loop [DFA]
Yong Yong - Bzzzr [Night School]
Karriem Riggins - Voyager I 5000 [Stones Throw]
Oh No - Creepers [KahRoc]
Jeremy Greenspan & Laurie Spiegel - Sirius Shake [Jialong]

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