Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dynamo Stairs - Reverse Screen, and other newness

There's a new Dynamo Stairs CD sending out waves to world. It is a collection of tracks from across the many years that the project has been going. The project predates David's work with Choke and continues to this day with a wide range of styles exploring the edges of pop.  I've been enjoying it a lot. You might as well. Here's a video taste

In other news, there is a new aboombong shaping up. It is a companion piece to atrophic and a bit of a departure for aboombong. I need to put together an album cover and cross some sonic T's, but watch for it on bandcamp soon. Also out soon will be the new Dustdevil & Crow, accidental music. Michael has a couple of teaser tracks up on his soundcloud: Big Wind & Broken Head Boy.

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