Saturday, February 20, 2010

DUSTdevil & Crow - now on FMA

While Walking Slowly You Can See the Grasses Grow, the latest by DUSTdevil & Crow, is now available through the Free Music Archive. As mentioned in a previous post, they are working on a new release and I have the honor of contributing some drums and noise to the affair in between working on the new aboombong /Fez Dispenser remix project, putting together tracks for the next aboombong release (due this summer), and playing drums with some very talented local kids in a new post-rock/math-rock trio. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speaking in Tongues: Waltz Bop Shop Live @ Wavy Brain (video)

This one is from 1994 (95?). A show at the height of Waltz Bop Shop's Math-Punk Noisiness. A fun show dedicated to Marc Bolan with all the bands doing at least one cover penned by Bolan. Held in Wavy Brain Video (RIP). Features some good shots of the hardest working guitar amp in Albuquerque: Grant's Marshall. Enjoy.

And, of course - the mandatory plug for the new aboombong: asynchronic. Available (set your own price) in pretty much any digital format you could want.

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