Sunday, January 15, 2012

aboombong: admixture; now on soundcloud, what you got?

I meant to get this up sooner, but life keeps me busy. The aboombong admixture e.p. is now also up on soundcloud, which is really a perfect venue for the collaborative aspects of the project. Contributions are already starting to trickle in and I have begun working on the admixs. If you are a soundcloud user, you can follow the progress of the project there and watch for the final release of the admixs over at aboombong's bandcamp page, where things will be released cc-attribution, share-alike, non-commercial.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

aboombong - admixture

Starting the new year with a new release, admixture, a two-track, interactive e.p. from aboombong. With the exception of a little harmonica, this one is all percussion. The interactive element here is this: I am sending solicitations for additional elements for each track to my musician friends...and will accept them as well from those of you out there that feel inclined; I will take submitted additions to the songs and I will combine them into new versions: not remixs, admixs. If you are interested in participating...put together your contribution and then leave a comment or send me a note here (click on the link that says "For all other inquiries, click here") and we'll figure out how I can retrieve your contributions. No complicated rules, but remember, your contribution will be combined with things you haven't heard. Oh, and I don't want any samples of already released material. Contributions should be something you created from scratch.

Artist: aboombong
: admixture
Style: shoegaze, drone-rock, idm, psychedelic, dream pop
Features: percussion, harmonica, effects.

As always, this one is a pay what you want release. All proceeds go to more music.

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