Sunday, January 1, 2012

aboombong - admixture

Starting the new year with a new release, admixture, a two-track, interactive e.p. from aboombong. With the exception of a little harmonica, this one is all percussion. The interactive element here is this: I am sending solicitations for additional elements for each track to my musician friends...and will accept them as well from those of you out there that feel inclined; I will take submitted additions to the songs and I will combine them into new versions: not remixs, admixs. If you are interested in participating...put together your contribution and then leave a comment or send me a note here (click on the link that says "For all other inquiries, click here") and we'll figure out how I can retrieve your contributions. No complicated rules, but remember, your contribution will be combined with things you haven't heard. Oh, and I don't want any samples of already released material. Contributions should be something you created from scratch.

Artist: aboombong
: admixture
Style: shoegaze, drone-rock, idm, psychedelic, dream pop
Features: percussion, harmonica, effects.

As always, this one is a pay what you want release. All proceeds go to more music.

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