Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Oil Man - Slow Mohicans (for BP)

This one from Slow Mohicans came up on the iPod while I was reading the headlines.
It sums up my feelings about BP (Bastard Petrol) pretty well.

The Oil Man - Slow Mohicans (click to listen)

Teach it to the crowd at your next march.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Odds & Ends

Just some quick updates and heads-ups to hold ya'll over 'til the next round of new releases.

1) The Siren's Sound recently featured Choke's eponymous E.P. along with some kind words after previously giving props to the Boom Dispenser remixs and to azwarm's first. UPDATE: also, Boom Dispenser is currently featured at geometria innamorata while Daymare is featured over at Anti-Gravity Bunny and a nice review of asynchronic has shown up over at Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits and A Chronic Groove Feeder is being featured over at All, Everyone, United. For the DIY musician, word of mouth from our kind supporters is invaluable and this help with promotion of our work is much appreciated.

2) 3 Bells Gone from azwarm now included in a nice mix over at Subversion. Take a listen to some other excellent ambient music mixes while you're there.

3) The next dustdevil & crow is coming along nicely with aboombong contributing drums/percussion, drones, keys & guitar alongside a host of other talented guests. You can wet your appetite on the first release over at the FMA, or listen to bendle's solo work on bandcamp.

4) New azwarm and new aboombong are both in the works with summer release dates very likely.

In the meantime: here's a little video from Fez Dispenser's grandpa Mr. Griddles - this one's called "Grand Central." (Buy Mr. Griddles here).

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