Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Oil Man - Slow Mohicans (for BP)

This one from Slow Mohicans came up on the iPod while I was reading the headlines.
It sums up my feelings about BP (Bastard Petrol) pretty well.

The Oil Man - Slow Mohicans (click to listen)

Teach it to the crowd at your next march.


cat called back said...

Thanks for actually reading our blog haha. We are definitely trying to get our blog out there but it is rather difficult. Is aboombong your body of work? I am downloading it and what I have heard so far sounds very promising. Thanks alot for the link. goddamn those BP ruffians.

icastico said...


Yes, aboombong is me...and a new one will be out soon.

I had a hand in all the other music & artwork here as well

(well, unless I didn't, but I try to make that obvious).

I'll add a link...maybe I can send you some business.

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