Monday, March 22, 2010

Ten Tracks to Sync - Vol. 2: Now with aboombong

Just a quick one: Drag Along Behind from asynchronic is featured in Ten Tracks to Sync Volume 2 over at the Free Music Archive. So get with it all you film makers out there. I would, of course, love to post anything that features the song. AND Google translate tells me I've got a gracious Serbian supporter at Idealno & Pragmaticno. Also, I find that the album is being pimped by the mad genius behind Exile On Moan Street. AND a thoughtful review of asynchronic just dropped over at Drowned in Sound, thanks to Mr. Breen for helping to spread the word ("Oscillating between drones, West African rhythms and cosmic jazz, [aboombong] nods to some of the most highly revered music of the 20th century: 'Broken Glass' to birdsong, musique concrète to cosmic jazz. Aboombong are aggressively hip and achingly contemporary"). AND I see Never Been to Konono is included in a nice mix over at mixcloud put together by belgradenoise.

<a href="">Never been to Konono by aboombong</a>

UPDATE: A nice little drama using still images and music (including drag along behind from asynchronic) has been posted over at Nancy B's Blog...check it out. The song is also featured on a nice mix over at percussion lab...check it out...lots going on over there.

Stills Editing Project BTMM 1701 from Nancy Barber on Vimeo.

UPDATE: drag along behind has been used again. This time on Tuck & Roll's an interesting project. Check it out and call in your ideas.

UPDATE: drag along behind has been used again. This time tomlog takes us on a trip around Stockholm.

Stockholm 2010 from tomlog on Vimeo.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Creative Commons - Daymare

Just a quick one...
Found Daymare from asynchronic being used as intended according to its creative commons license over at Kassette Klub. It is the intro to an interesting mix. Check it out. Also, asynchronic is featured today over at Acousmatik System along with some other really nice selections.

ep. 2 Anticipation (side a) by KassetteKlub

Monday, March 1, 2010

AOS - Eggs Are Tasty (video)

From 1987, AOS live at the pit. Thanks to David Lamb for sending this one to me. This is the video of the concert I posted earlier. Camera work by David Liso who would end up in Choke in the 90's. Pretty rough quality but it gives a good sense of the band and the era. Raul's charisma and energy as a front man comes through on the video, methinks (dig those shades). He was the real nexus for any success the band had. Most fun for me was seeing old friends in the audience looking chic in their 80's hair cuts and youthful innocence.

AOS live in the Pit (Sponsored by KRUX, the NMSU student radio station)

Some aboombong updates: asynchronic was recently reviewed at the mighty Snap Crackle & Pop...alongside some of the best music on the web. Also featured at Hot On The Heels of Love. Ran across a very nice review of asynchronic over at Shot By Both Sides , looks like a good place to find new music. And Babelfish tells me this review is positive and eloquent. Also at Kalachakra with some nice comments, and asynchronic has even crept into the political discourse at analytic analeptic, if you haven't heard it yet, you should check out this political pundits music. If for some reason you don't want to get it direct from me (set your own price), asynchronic is now available through Napster, Songorilla, iTunes, Amazon, and will be showing up in your favorite download store soon....

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