Monday, March 15, 2010

Creative Commons - Daymare

Just a quick one...
Found Daymare from asynchronic being used as intended according to its creative commons license over at Kassette Klub. It is the intro to an interesting mix. Check it out. Also, asynchronic is featured today over at Acousmatik System along with some other really nice selections.

ep. 2 Anticipation (side a) by KassetteKlub


hallazgosnerviosos said...

very interesting album.... owesome eclectic sound..!!

icastico said...

Glad you enjoy it.

Jordan Lee said...

Hey icastico!

It's Jordan from Kassette Klub. Sorry it took me so long to notice someone actually left me a comment! I just wanted to say thanks for linking to me and the aboombong album is brilliant. I saw it at the free music archive blog and I have been enjoying it since. Keep making cool stuff please.

icastico said...

Glad you like it...I like what ya did with it.

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