Monday, March 22, 2010

Ten Tracks to Sync - Vol. 2: Now with aboombong

Just a quick one: Drag Along Behind from asynchronic is featured in Ten Tracks to Sync Volume 2 over at the Free Music Archive. So get with it all you film makers out there. I would, of course, love to post anything that features the song. AND Google translate tells me I've got a gracious Serbian supporter at Idealno & Pragmaticno. Also, I find that the album is being pimped by the mad genius behind Exile On Moan Street. AND a thoughtful review of asynchronic just dropped over at Drowned in Sound, thanks to Mr. Breen for helping to spread the word ("Oscillating between drones, West African rhythms and cosmic jazz, [aboombong] nods to some of the most highly revered music of the 20th century: 'Broken Glass' to birdsong, musique concrète to cosmic jazz. Aboombong are aggressively hip and achingly contemporary"). AND I see Never Been to Konono is included in a nice mix over at mixcloud put together by belgradenoise.

<a href="">Never been to Konono by aboombong</a>

UPDATE: A nice little drama using still images and music (including drag along behind from asynchronic) has been posted over at Nancy B's Blog...check it out. The song is also featured on a nice mix over at percussion lab...check it out...lots going on over there.

Stills Editing Project BTMM 1701 from Nancy Barber on Vimeo.

UPDATE: drag along behind has been used again. This time on Tuck & Roll's an interesting project. Check it out and call in your ideas.

UPDATE: drag along behind has been used again. This time tomlog takes us on a trip around Stockholm.

Stockholm 2010 from tomlog on Vimeo.

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