Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cranky: Our Cupp runneth over

For Waltz Bop Shop fans (our most popular attraction so far here at Pen & Mallet), today we have the current work of WBS's bass player- Cranky. This includes a great version of the WBS classic..."Please Yourself!"(from All my idears are played live today).

Album: Cranky - complete work so far
Style: electro-minimalism? Lo-fi High-brow?
Players: Uncle Dewdrop Pony (vocals, programming)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

vast active living intelligent system

Cdbaby is a great company. They have done a lot to make it easier for artists to release their own material. As is apparent from their name, however, they are really about selling CD's. Their support for on-line, digital releases is pretty bare bones. Ever since we ran out of hard-copies of valis, it has bothered me that the only format available was mp3. I have decided to rectify that situation. As of today, valis is now available in a variety of lossless formats over at entice you further, I have included some bonus material.

Ambient soundtracks for your portable cortical theatre. Enjoy.

Artist: psychic enemies network
Album: valis
Style: ambient
Release: 2000
Players: my brother & me - guitar, electronics, tapes, loops, percussion
Available in a variety of formats from (set your own price)

<a href="">Arhythmia by psychic enemies network</a>

This album is still, of course, available at CDbaby, on itunes, and through various other on-line sources.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

aboombong: ambientrance dub-dozen

Artist: aboombong
Album: aboombong
Style: ambientrance dub soundscapes
Release: June, 2009
Players: all me* - electronics, tapes, percussion
Available in a variety of formats from (set your own price)

<a href="">a by aboombong</a>

1. a
2. ab
3. abo
4. aboo
5. aboom
6. aboomb
7. aboombo
8. aboombon
9. aboombong
10. 3 Days 'til Sunrise (aboombong mix)
11. gnobmooba
12. birds

*aboom contains samples from Waltz Bop Shop and gnobmooba contains samples from ¡para!helion. Narrative in 3 Days 'til Sunrise recorded off of public radio in the late 1990's.

Update: Now on imeem &
Update: Wow! aboombong is featured in this week's independent music discoveries (issue-13) over at A Future in Noise. Thanks Marilyn (^_^)
Update: Now also available at the great Dogs Can Read Your Mind blog along with lots of other ambient/drone/experimental music. Check it out.

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