Tuesday, June 16, 2009

vast active living intelligent system

Cdbaby is a great company. They have done a lot to make it easier for artists to release their own material. As is apparent from their name, however, they are really about selling CD's. Their support for on-line, digital releases is pretty bare bones. Ever since we ran out of hard-copies of valis, it has bothered me that the only format available was mp3. I have decided to rectify that situation. As of today, valis is now available in a variety of lossless formats over at bandcamp.com...To entice you further, I have included some bonus material.

Ambient soundtracks for your portable cortical theatre. Enjoy.

Artist: psychic enemies network
Album: valis
Style: ambient
Release: 2000
Players: my brother & me - guitar, electronics, tapes, loops, percussion
Available in a variety of formats from http://psychicenemiesnetwork.bandcamp.com/ (set your own price)

<a href="http://psychicenemiesnetwork.bandcamp.com/album/valis">Arhythmia by psychic enemies network</a>

This album is still, of course, available at CDbaby, on itunes, and through various other on-line sources.


iceolate said...

Thanks, sounds interesting.

I left a link on my page for you as well. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

thnxs for your note, you too have a great blog i'm from México.


Nathan Nothin here from Nothin' Sez Somethin blog. I'm always seeing your comments around the interweb on the blogs I visit or guest host. Finally you commented on Edward Ka-Spel, thanks. I added your blog to my links & thanks for the sample & link to Valis (PKDick is one of my favorite authors, so I'll be checking it out.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

hey thx for checking my blog, maybe it is good advertising for me. i dig those ambient tracks you got here, too. cheers

e.spaceman said...

This is very good.Thanks, Icastico!!!

icastico said...


Thanks, glad you enjoy it.
Keep spreading the word.

Stylophone 350s said...

Impressive stuff, will explore more of your creations when time permits.
Keep up the good work.

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