Saturday, February 14, 2009

¡para!helion- Midaq Alley

Album: Midaq Alley.
Style: Dirges from the desert.
Released in very limited quantities in 1999.
Dave-Trumpet, effects
Jeff - Electric Balilaika, effects
Me - percussion, loops, and acoustic bass.
Improvised and recorded live to two track.

Get part one and part two (@320)
Update: available from the internet archive: on one page (here includes FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, mp3) or on two (part one & part two)

Track List:

1) Allal
2) The fqih
3) Istikhara
4) The Waters of Izli
5) Mejdoub
6) The Wind at Beni Midar
7) The Story of Lahcen and Idir
8) 1000 days of Mokhtar
9) Abhilash Talkies (Thanks to Ernie for the mumbling.)
10) Ayemenem
11) Naxos
12) The Fqih (Slight Return)

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kev said...


I am listening to this album right now
and I am very pleased with it,
often I get an idea of how music is before listening, based on (mode of) presentation, instrumentation
and 'gut feeling'.
I am happy to say that your music lives up to my expectations.
The drumming, the strumming,
the trumpeting and everything
is perfect, this will be the soundtrack
to many days and nights.

You have an extensive array of recordings,
but I think I will
take '3 miles from Mecca' next
and see where I end up after that.

Thank you so much for sharing this.
I came across your page by way of
prognotfrog in case you are interested in such things,
the blog jungle is truly extensive.

I wish you good times
and further musical adventures.


icastico said...


Thanks for the kind words.
I am glad you are enjoying it.

I will be posting the follow up project that Dave and I did after para!helion in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out.

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