Saturday, February 28, 2009

The build your own ambient sundae bar

If you haven't checked out shortwave music, I highly recommend it. My favorite feature of the site is the fact that all the embedded players can be played at the same time making it possible to create your own ambient mash-ups of the beautiful music that Myke Weiskopf posts.

Since it is possible to do the same thing with the embedded players on this page, I decided to post some tracks for that purpose. (If you create something from these that you like, shoot me a copy and I'll post it as well).

First up are two takes of my own using the embedded players at shortwave music.
Long wave


Next are some tracks that I created for my wife to use in a multimedia installation she staged while in Architecture school at UNM (1998, or so).
swarm i

swarm ii

swarm iii

swarm iv

swarm v

Finally two versions a dub loop from Gnomonic off the album valis
gnomonic dub i

gnomonic dub ii (speaker killing bass warning: careful).

Don't be afraid to include para!helion, meditations on time, or any of the other stuff already posted. Have fun. Next up, Choke.


Lars Shalom said...

ooohhh woweee!!!!!!!!

icastico said...

Rabbi Lars,


Mo said...

Like the ones you created for your wife

icastico said...

Thanks Mo.
Wish you could have seen the installation. It was cool.

shortwavemusic said...

More sundae playtime awaits you. Shortwavemusic is back online with new material starting 1 October. Visit it at its new home at Thanks!

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