Friday, February 15, 2013

Kamikaze spreads the word

A nice mix of music from Kamikaze dropped awhile back. Includes a track from adumbral. Lots of other great artists included for you check out as well (track list below). Honored to be included. 

Jason Crumer & Joseph Hammer - Show Em The Door [Accidie]
Powell - A Band [The Death Of Rave]
Vladislav Delay - Kulkee [Raster Noton]
Actress - Silver Cloud Dream Come True [Werk/Ninja Tune]
Bernard Gagnon - Dictee [Tenzier]
Yong Yong - Mongo [Night School]
The Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble - Giraffes We Ride [Folkways]
Mustapha Skandrani - Mode Raml Maya Improvisation [Em]
Nishan Sedefjian - Huzam Taxim [Mississippi/Canary/Change]
Jung Nam Hee - Chinyangjo/Chungmori [Sublime Frequencies]
St. Gun Khin May - Shan Village Part 1/Part 2 [Sublime Frequencies]
Kesarbai Kerkar - Lalat: Ghatan Lagi Rain [Mississippi/Canary/Change]
Hacker Farm - 5:29 [Exotic Pylon]
MCMXCI - Untitled 5 [Opal Tapes]
aboombong - K1 [Bandcamp] 
Trance Farmers - Purple Hay [Stones Throw/Leaving]
Filthy Huns - Infinite Ride [Not Not Fun]
Golden Teacher - Rashomon [Optimo]
Factory Floor - Fall Back Synth Loop [DFA]
Yong Yong - Bzzzr [Night School]
Karriem Riggins - Voyager I 5000 [Stones Throw]
Oh No - Creepers [KahRoc]
Jeremy Greenspan & Laurie Spiegel - Sirius Shake [Jialong]

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