Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dream Smith (R.I.P.) - each kiss with a soft blanket

Dream Smith was a game programmer and musician who left us with a fairly substantial body of psych-folk songs that he released under the moniker Soft Blanket. During the later half of 2007, Dream joined a project led by my friends Will Dean and Kaley Davis called Cadabeso. Presented here today are two Soft Blanket songs recorded by Cadabeso during that too brief collaboration.

Musicians: Dream Smith with Cadabeso (2007)
Dream Smith: Guitar & Vocals
Will Dean: Keyboard & Vocals
Kaley Davis: Bass
me: Drum Kit
Style: Rock, Twee-pop, lo-fi
Album: Taken from How It Feels To Be Filled with Secret Sounds
These tracks recorded live to digital two track in Will's garage.

Tracklist: (get them here)
1) Conditions for Another Year
2) Ginger Girl Has Lived This Day Before

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