Sunday, May 3, 2009

Le Tout Puissant Orchestre Super Naam De Joe Brown - Rough Cuts

Joe Brown lives down the street from me. He has a basement full of musical toys. Sometimes he invites me over to play. He gave me permission to post these two rough mixes from his project Super Naam (follow the link for more songs). When it is done you will want it. I'll be sure to keep you posted on Joe's activities as they progress.

Style: Groovy pop rocks (don't mix with Pepsi)
me-drum kit
Joe Brown - everything else
Rough mixes of tracks from the upcoming Super Naam release

1) In the Country
2) Play Nice
Get it at the Internet Archive.

Up next, more Swayback. Stay tuned for more ambient-experimental tracks from the minidisc archives, which seem to be deeper than I was expecting. Coming to Pen & Mallet - I'll be giving you Flac as appropriate.


madrotter said...

finally finding the time to dive into your work, wow!!! i used to play drums myself but haven't since i moved to indonesia in '96, still have loads of old recordings but nothing as extensive as you have! i'll be downloading a lot here!
i started playing in punkbands in '79, played in god knows how many punk and post-punk bands back in the days but nearly no recordings have survived...

icastico said...


Hope you find something that you like.

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