Monday, November 16, 2009

[redacted] - left blank

[redacted] recorded this 3 songer earlier this year with Scott Colburn (of Jabon and Sun City Girls fame). It is available (name your price) in a variety of formats over at
Album: Left Blank
Will - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Trumpet
Kaley - bass
Jason - guitar (also check out Red Stars Theory)
me -trap set, toy dumbek

<a href="">Walk Slowly for the Moment by [Redacted]</a>


madrotter said...

hey how you been? just wanted to let you know, i've been blogging like crazy on the indo site, now i wanna put some stuff on my second blog, right now i'm transferring some HAN BENNINK & MICHA MENGELBERG from cassette to my computer and I've got a lot of nice stuff coming up, a whole bunch of COMPOSER'S VOICE albums from DONEMUS out of AMSTERDAM mostly experimental classical music and Dutch electronic tape music from the 60's and a lot more that I think you'll like!!

If only I still had my complete collection that I had in Holland before I moved to Indonesia, I had to sell so much of it when I got married and needed money badly..

icastico said...

Thanks for the tip. Will definitely check them out.

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