Friday, November 27, 2009

A.O.S. - Live and Raw in The Pit

This one was recorded in the summer of 1988 at New Mexico State University's Corbett Center "Pit" Amphitheater. It was also one of the first performances to include an AOS stage show. Dubbed something like "At home with A.O.S.," we brought all the furniture from the living room of our house, set it up on stage, and spent the day watching T.V. & hanging out. Seemed like a good idea at the time, at least until the Las Cruces sun decided to start cooking the concrete on all sides of us. By show time the temperature on stage was over 110. As we played I was sweating so profusely that puddles of perspiration were forming on my drums, sending up a dramatic splash each time I hit them. Sponsored by KRUX, the NMSU student radio station, there is a video of this performance floating around. If David ever decides to digitize his copy and upload it, I'll be sure to post it here.

Available today are two versions of a recording that my old roommate Marc provided to me recently (thanks tons Marc). First up are the raw .wav files of original AOS songs from his cassette-rip of the concert. These are followed by a selection of tracks that my brother ran through pro-tools for some noise reduction and equalization. They are posted as separate albums on the internet archive. Take your pick. Enjoy.

Album: A.O.S. - Raw in the Pit: (wav, FLAC, mp3, Ogg Vorbis)
Recorded: Summer of 1988
Raul Dorn - vox (see some of his paintings here)
David Lamb - Bass
Matt Thorne - Guitar
Me - trap set

Raw tracks:

1) 667
2) Rhyme of the Reason
3) That's My Heart
4) Southern Romance Song
5) Laughing
6) Bad Brick
7) Mary Mary in the Lavender Pumps
8) Confession Time
9) Robert
10) I can hear the monsters
11) The Graveyard Song
12) Rip It Up
13) Core Canto

Cleaned up selections (mp3, ogg vorbis):

1) 667
2) That's My Heart
3) Southern Romance Song
4) Laughing
5) Bad Brick
6) Mary Mary in the Lavender Pumps
7) Confession Time
8) Robert
9) Rip It Up
10)Core Canto


Anonymous said...

nice blog! thanks for the support, if you like it we could exchange links. is everything here on flac?

icastico said...


You're already added.
I try to add most things in multiple formats for the audiophile geeks out there. Not always worth the trouble as some of the original tapes are in pretty rough shape. I can upload anything that is MP3 only in FLAC if requested.

Anonymous said...

oh i see, the problem is that i can't listen to the flac's in my ipod... so i prefer mp3's, but i think it's great you do that. thanks for the link, i'll add you right away

icastico said...

We aim to please 'round here.
Thanks for spreading the word.

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