Tuesday, November 10, 2009

aboombong news

Just a quick note. One day after finishing the sequencing for the next aboombong album (NOW AVAILABLE), I see that the first release is featured over at the Dogs Can Read Your Mind blog. It is the best kind of music blog, promoting artists by posting music with their permission. Focuses on experimental, ambient, electronic, drone, etc...check it out and support the artists featured.


madrotter said...

wow! this is a great link!! i will send them my music see if they like it! thanks!!!

icastico said...

Glad I could be of service. I listened to the Paneye last night. Really good record.

madrotter said...

hehehe they already posted my first album! i'm going to downloads tons off your blog, such incredible treasures!

icastico said...

I've got 18 Slingshots in the iPod queue as we speak, not to mention all the great jaipong you've shared.

It's all about sharing, as we learned when we were little, right?


madrotter said...

jup, sharing often feels better than getting! the 18 slingshots has a couple of good songs (gararetek ((which was recorded live in the studio with a suling and a kecapi player the only time folks played their parts off music written down)), pajagalan) and a few songs i wish i hadn't included to be honest. i'm sending them some more today, hope they'll like it!

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