Saturday, March 28, 2009

Waltz Bop Shop: Live on KUNM, the quartet, Grant's Marshall

Today we have music from phases 2 and 3 of Waltz Bop Shop.

Grant's Marshall:
Throughout my musical career I have had a lot of collaborators. Interestingly, the collaborator that has been involved in the most music was not a person, but a piece of equipment: Grant Garner's 2x12 50 watt Marshall guitar amp. Our first encounter was in Las Cruces New Mexico in the hardcore band Cattle Mutilators (with Dave Lamb from AOS) back in 1984-5. Next came Seizure Disorder and a series of guerrilla punk performances by the Archbishops Talent Exposure Collective (ATEC). These ATEC performances were a series of one-off groups with the mission statement "We never rehearse, we only perform." ATEC productions included a couple of infamous feedback drenched gigs in El Paso, Texas: The Exploding Archbishops opening for Tex and The Horseheads, and Fucked Up Nancy opening for Agent Orange and Blood on the Saddle. (Quote from a Horsehead. "We just did a gig with Jesus and Mary Chain. You guys are way better, and you're not assholes." That made me laugh). ATEC also produced The Asphalt Hamsters, Wargasm, Live Rat Pasties, The Cabbage Farmers, Harriet and The Matches (recording to follow), Legends in Our Own House, and others that I am sure I am forgetting and Grant's Marshall was there for them all. When I moved back to Albuquerque and Choke formed, Grant's Marshall was there again. Choke shared a rehearsal space with The Jonny Cats, Pueblo Dogs, a couple of reggae bands, and Waltz Bop Shop (and its predecessor Scat: A Logical Dog with Jon Jarden on vocals) and Grant's Marshall became the house guitar amp and got dragged to gigs by all the bands - playing for thousands of Albuquerque music fans. The fact that a large portion of these gigs did not involve Grant in any way is a testament to his generosity. Thanks Grant.

But, now to the music.

Waltz Bop Shop Phase 2:
Phase 2 of Waltz Bop Shop begins when Grant's Marshall leaves the picture and Keif buys a Fender Super Twin Reverb from my brother. With the cleaner sound of the Fender, the jazz elements that were always present in Waltz Bop Shop's work came to the forefront. From phase 2 we have two albums of live material that were both recorded on KUNM's Ear to the Ground. The first primarily features songs from All My Idears are Flawed in Sum Way, and the second includes songs from across the Waltz Bop Shop catalog.

Get All my idears are played live today

1) Dress Code at Tito's
2) Kenneth! What's the Frequency
3) Self-congratulatory Non-conformist
4) Liquid Gang
5) Evening News
6) Feeble (Live)
7) Please yourself
8) One and three quarters
9) Tell ANYONE else

Get A whisper in the airwaves

1) untitled
2) Tax Shelter
3) Tapeleader
4) Samba Groovie
5) small talk
6) Tower Jazz Song
7) Vegetarianism
8) We'll be leaving soon
9) Michael Dummett
10) Forgotten title

Waltz Bop Shop Phase 3:
Phase 3 of Waltz Bop Shop starts when we talked our good friend Jenette Isaacson into joining the group as a vocalist. Jenette was and is an actress active in local theatre (you may have seen her in a couple of movies too: Suspect Zero and Made in USA), and she brought a much needed dose of flair to our live show with her commanding stage presence. We only recorded 5 songs with Jenette. Which is too bad, because by the time Waltz Bop Shop final broke up in the late 90's, the stuff we were doing with Jenette was some of the best stuff the band had ever done. The recordings below (which I like a lot) give a glimmer of that later greater work.

Waltz Bop Shop (Phase Three):
Jenette Isaacson- vocals
Keif Henley - Guitar
Rodney Cupp - Bass
me - drum kit

Get The Quartet

1) Name Dropping At Angela's
2) Midnight Drive
3) Insatiable
4) Sand Walker
5) We've Got A Problem
6) 3 by 5 stutter (bonus track)



Anonymous said...

here you can hear,live in the studio our hero Francis Bebey,its really the way i have this amazing record of him called "sanja" from 1970 i will present some time-nice blog + art,have a great time,we share at least a common passion apart music:visual Art.

icastico said...

I love me some Francis Bebey.

COS said...

Hi ! I love your music , especially The Quartet album ! I have a blogspot : Cup Of Sound (you can also like the fanpage on facebook) and I would post the Quartet on my Blogspot, can you please tell me how can I post the playlist without redirection to the page Internet Archives ? And is it possible to interview you ?

Sincères Salutations. Cloë Stoïchstrovesky from

icastico said...

Hello Cloë,
Thanks for spreading the word. To embed a player from Internet Archive, simply start the player, and then click on the "embed this" link below it. Cut and paste the code it generates into your post.

If you are still interested in an interview, you can send me a message/questions via the aboombong bandcamp page at

Just click on the link where it says "For all other inquiries, click here."

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