Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Eclectica

An eclectic mix of surf-punk creeps, dark-ambient scare-scapes, 80's Goth, and home-made demons from the Pen & Mallet archives. Have a horrific Halloween.

Tracklist:(MP3, follow the links below for hi-fi versions of these tracks)
1) by the flesh by Psychic Enemies Network from P.E.N.
2) Étude for Six Mirrored Hands
3) Bitter Cross by A.O.S. from Rip It Up
4) Creepin' Man by The Jonny Cats from Ode to Sergio
5) And Then Aliens Invaded from Space by Swayback from Outer Space Tonight
6) garden shed by Dustdevil & Crow from while speaking softly you can hear the insects sing
7) Browse by Choke from the Eponymous EP
8) Daymare by aboombong from asynchronic
9) Come Crumbling by Psychic Enemies Network from Valis
10) From Cracked and Bloodied Fingers by aboombong from amnemonic
11) 3 Bells Gone by Azwarm from A Morning's Work

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