Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some hype: amnemonic, thanks 4 helping spread the word

Reaction to amnemonic has been encouraging.
I thought it was time to pass along some of the early hype.

Artist: aboombong
Album: amnemonic
Release date: September 11, 2010
<a href="">Cheshiahud Loop by aboombong</a>

The first review hit the webs over at The Stranger's Line out. The money quote "This is some of the most interesting, ambitious music coming out of Seattle at the moment." Humbling.

A nice feature over at Disquiet focused on Cheshiahud Loop and called it "a deep journey into Fourth World territory... a cacophony of bazaar action, all ringing bells, vibrating drums, and ritual if some majestic parade has turned a corner. "

Estonia's Recent Music Heroes gives a very positive review (10 out of 10 rating, the highest I've spied on the site). Google translate had a hard time with the Estonian, but I had to pull this translated phrase: "then it can be concluded that the publication was completed around the monster floating on the harmonious (misjärel võib tõdeda, et lõppenud üllitis oli kõikjal hõljuv harmooniline monstrum)." I like the image (UPDATE: Translated version of the review is here).

geometria innamorata calls it "musical matter, like a flow, oriented by alchemy....original and wild. Orient and Occident are superposed in an origami of earth, wind, and thunder." Dying For Bad Music calls it "heavy listening." The Sound of Eye, calls it "an untamed collusion of the finest noise, concrète and ambient soundscapes."

The Sirens Sound, continues their strong support for aboombong calling it "another weird and freaking[ly] SPLENDID LISTEN where experimental-drone boundaries are reached and breached. EXCEPTIONAL title."

Thanks to Nadia for a nice review over at the couch sessions who calls it "full blown musical freedom."

And check out this short film featuring the opening minutes of Cromsby Grovernor's Jujujaiponmolam.

Also thanks to Disruptive Platypus, Living Exposed, ,& Exile on Moan Street for helping to spread the word. It is only through support like this that a zero budget DIY project like aboombong will ever get heard. Truly appreciated.

UPDATE2.3: There's this Hungarian review that has been sending over a lot of business. And says "after listening to it again and again, I knew that this music would accompany me from now on...if you don't know aboombong by now, it's high time to dive into his great music." And, of course, the hype for asynchronic continues with a new review up at Visotactile Symphony...along side a nice collection musical cohorts. AND I don't know how I missed this one, but here's a nice review of Psychic Enemies Network from Wine, Women, and Song.

As with all the aboombong releases, this one is available for download from bandcamp in a variety of formats (including lossless formats) and you can name your own price (no minimum). Please note that there is a special limited edition bonus track available for the first 200 folks who name a price of $5 or more over at bandcamp, or donate (from the button below) $5 or more to Pen & Mallet. I will email you a unique, one-time use download code with instructions for retrieving your bonus track in gratitude for your support.

A note on changes at bandcamp. Bandcamp now limits the number of free downloads that an artist can offer and has begun a profit sharing plan (whereby they take a share of the artist's profit). These are both good for bandcamp, a service I strongly support, but it means that when you decide to support aboombong, some of your money will go to bandcamp and some of it will have to go to support continued "name your price with no minimum" for works by aboombong, azwarm, and psychic enemies network ($20 will support 1000 additional free downloads). If you want all of your money to go directly to me (minus a small paypal fee), use the donate button below. I'll still send you the download code for the bonus track for any donation of $5 or more.


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Hi, loving amnemonic, thanks. Wondered if you're aware of

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I am aware of experimedia. Nice work done there. Why do you ask? If this is Mr. Bible...we should have a conversation. You can contact me directly through the bandcamp site.

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Really enjoying Cat Eye and Night Ride along with Gypsy Music.

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