Sunday, August 15, 2010

Roots: Eric Hisaw

When I was a kid I spent many a summer on my grandfather's cattle ranch in Oklahoma. One summer when I was about 12 or 13 I remember going to a farm auction and there being a western swing trio tucked in the corner of the large metal barn beside a large combine while neighbors and strangers stoically examined the detritus of a family's crumbling business, looking for a deal. The strange combination of melancholy and perseverance that permeated the scene and the music stuck with me and changed my perspective on western music, which I had not really had much use for up to that point. As an adult I have been in several bands that played some variant of western-tinged music, the most successful being cowpunkers The Jonny Cats. Today's featured Friend of the Show artist, Eric Hisaw, is the man from the circle of Jonny Cat friends who, to my mind, most influenced The Jonny Cats' particular take on American roots music. He's the real deal...a true American troubadour with a deep sense of the musical tradition that permeates the Southwestern United States. He's now active on the very vital music scene in his adopted home of Austin Texas. You can check out a selection of his songs over at reverbnation.

Band website design

You can, of course, hear/download The Jonny Cats at the internet archive.

In aboombong news: The new album is sequenced, and with some artwork and a few final touches should be available soon. Stay tuned. Also, shout out to The Light That Failed who has featured songs from asynchronic and aboombong along side a host of other cool underground music.


Feq'wah said...

Nice, though prefer The Jonny Cats more.

? Jonny Jarden - vocals, nudity ?

icastico said...

Yeah...he sure did love to drop trou on stage.


Bogdan Stelistul said...
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