Saturday, April 24, 2010

azwarm: a morning's work

A couple of long ambient improvisations made with bells and pans.
Artist: azwarm
Album: a morning's work
Style: ambient, drone, musique concrète, minimalism, noise
Release: April 24th 2010
Players: me - ringing metal objects, manipulation.
Available in a variety of formats from (set your own price)
<a href="">Trinidad by azwarm</a>

UPDATE: 3 Bells Gone now included in a nice mix over at Subversion.


rickets said...

Icastico, did you record this album?

icastico said...

Yes I did.

Hope you like it.

rickets said...

It's seriously good, I've been listening to it almost constantly since I downloaded it..I love the way the tracks are always shifting and changing shape...I'm just about to download it again so I can actually pay some money for it. Great music, Icastico, thanks for letting me know about it

icastico said...

Thanks for you kind words. Glad I could be of service.

* * e d o * * said...

this is great stuff. very impressed man!

icastico said...

Glad you like it.

Spread the word.

grooVemonzter said...

Excellent. I just found your blog. Me thinks I'll be spending some time here. Thanks from Miami. Cole

icastico said...

grooVemonzter: welcome...
Some new grooves should be up by the weekend, so good timing.

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