Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the iPod

As a firm believer in the wisdom of the random shuffle on my iPod, I thought I would share with you the background music it selected for tonight's State of the Union address. There was no cheating...I just hit play.

Get Together by Tony Allen
Afrika FreaK Out by Barney Willen
Yene Filagote by Tiahoun Gessesse
Stretcher Case Baby by The Damned
The Crying of Lot G by Yo La Tengo
Pastoral Cha Cha by Syzygys
Dirty Blue Gene by Captain Beefheart
Onya Wanjah Go by [unknown Afrofunk artist]
Memento by Ennio Morricone
The Winter Ray by Natural Snow Buildings
O Rio by Dom Salvador e a Abolicao
If You Want To Do Ya Dub by Prince Far I
All My People Right Here Right Now by Oasis
I Don't Live Today by Jimi Hendrix
And things are mostly Ghosts by Her Space Holiday
Gratitude by Beastie Boys
Song For My Lady by Malinga 5
Tena In Love by Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus

The Malinga 5 was particularly well timed with an almost Gil Scott Heron vibe...and I can't believe it opened with that track off of that particular Tony Allen album. Actually, the song titles work pretty well for his main points throughout now that I look back.
Note: Keeping with blog policy, since I didn't have a hand in recording any of these, I am not posting the mp3's... just the titles. You can always use this as an excuse to explore older posts. There's plenty to hear around here.

While I am updating, I (again) want to send out a thanks for all the positive responses I have been getting for aboombong, asynchronic. It is only through your positive word of mouth that a no-budget project like this can hope to find its audience. Keep spreading the word.

I should have a solution to the broken cassette deck soon, so I will be posting some of the oldest tapes yet in the coming weeks....sort of the roots of aboombong.

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