Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waltz Bop Shop: Name Dropping at Angela's and Melting

Today we have the final two tracks that will be posted from Waltz Bop Shop (although there is a concert on video tape that I might take the time to digitize at some point). The first song, And Melting was recorded at a house party in my living room (stay tuned for more from Wil Gira, who also played). The other is an A Capella version of Name Dropping At Angela's that Jenette recorded at my house in the mountains after Waltz Bop Shop had broken up. The spoken word piece overdubbed onto And Melting was recorded on the same day and is a reading of an excerpt from a short story I published in the mid 90's.

Release: Two Tracks, one recorded live at a house party (199?).
The Players:
Keif Henley on Guitar
Rodney Cupp on Bass
Me -Drum kit
Jenette Isaacson on vocals/spoken word.
Spoken word on "And Melting" overdubbed later...

Track List:
1) And Melting
2) Name Dropping At Angela's (A Capella Mix)



Ian Narcisi said...

"And Melting" - Way to lay down the beat! You and Rodney are quite tight. This is a very cool song. Jenette's voice over the top just speaking your words from a short story really set the mood! Nice.

"Name Dropping At Angela's (A Capella Mix)" - Jenette has one hell of a voice! Awesome!

icastico said...


Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked 'em.

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