Thursday, January 13, 2011

motion sickness of time travel

A quick recommendation for the first post of the new year. I have really been enjoying this one woman project lately. If you like aboombong, or psychic enemies network, or azwarm, you should enjoy Motion Sickness of Time Travel. There are 9 "name your price" releases over at her bandcamp page. Each one is as good as the last. Here's a sample.

More, including videos, available here:


Anonymous said...

Hey fans of this may be interested in the new EP by Weird Ribs. Titled 803 Days it's a journey through space via electronic beats, rhythms and drones.

Check it here:

All the best!

icastico said...

We like Weird Ribs here at Pen & Mallet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for more comments but fans of this may enjoy new project Parallel Gaze.

Music created for meditative purposes.

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