Thursday, August 6, 2020

aboombong - asynartetic

My latest release is out on time for the latest Bandcamp Friday (starting 12am PDT on 8/7/2020). For 24 hours Bandcamp waives their fees to help out artists. I will be using that as a way to raise money to help the victims of the recent blast in Beirut. All proceeds raised this month from any aboombong purchase will go to who provides frontline relief to victims.
Most (not all, but most) aboombong songs involve improvisation at some level. I frequently use improvisations as source material and then editing and post-production manipulations to combine them into something coherent. On this album the improvisations themselves, the performances, are the focus. Taking cues from jazz - where the interplay between musicians is the substance of the performance -these songs were constructed "live" - with each performance played in direct response to the tracks laid down previously. Treatments and manipulations were applied (essentially) live as well (play, treat, playback while improvising the next track) for the most part. Enjoy and spread the word so I can raise some money for those in need. Thanks.

artist: aboombong
release: 2020
style: jazz, ambient, piano
players: me - piano, trap set, double sanza, wooden-headed dumbek, taganing, elephant bell, temple bell.
artwork/photography: me
Design consultation: Random

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