Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Jonny Cats burn rubber on a punk rock 7 inch

By request we have what will be the only vinyl posted here.

The second release by The Jonny Cats was this punk rock 7 inch. These sold out quickly, but if you are in Albuquerque, Dave over at Charley's Records & Tapes (7602 Menaul Blvd NE Albuquerque NM 87110, (505) 296-3685) tells me he has a few tucked away.

The Jonny Cats were:
Kenta Henmi - lead guitar
Dave Chavez - bass
Jonny Jarden - vocals, nudity
Jonny Reed - guitar
Johnny T- drum kit

Record: Burrrns Rubber
Style: surfbeatcowpunkmutherfucker
Released in 1994 on 7" vinyl (500 copies).
33 &1/3rd RPM
American Low Fidelity Recordings
Cover art by J.B. Jones (R.I.P.)


Track list (player plays all tracks):
1) Pinky Black
2) Comfort
3) White Trash
4) Whiskey Woman

Stupid trivia...rumor has it that this poster was seen hanging on the wall at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.

Stay tuned for A.O.S., more Waltz Bop Shop, the unreleased Jonny Cats full-length, more experimental soundscapes, the genius of Joe Brown, and whatever else I can dig up.



roy rocket said...

Cheers for that!
Kind of DK feel; and there's nowt wrong with that.
Shanti, roy

icastico said...

There will be another Jonny Cats in a couple of weeks. Stayed tuned.

rocket remnants is great, btw.

r.e. brown said...

Wow. So strange now, realizing just how long ago that all was. I don't think I could take a shit without one of those fucks being around. They had such promise. I just realized, I still have my cowboy lounge card and a copy of burning rubber still.

icastico said...


ahhh, the unrealized promise... ruined by the needle. Yeah, the cowboy lounge would have made quite the reality show...better than hanging out in your driveway over by UNM fer sure. . . maybe you should develop it for VH1, a swell co production...Return to the Cowboy Lounge (Force Dave and Jon and Kenta to live together with Dr. Drew....)

You don't have a copy of the "Dusty Boner" cassette do ya? It's the one with "APD" and "Vic Vega." None of the band seems to have preserved it. It would complete the Jonny Cats archive.

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